The whole introduction thing

This is the literary blog of poet, playwright, artist and essayist Rachael Stanford.

Update 10/23/2012

Sorry that I have not updated this blog is a while. My life of typing came to a halt on vacation in august. I was at a mountain biking workshop with my boyfriend Kyle. After all of two minutes on the bike, I manage to throw myself from the bike (break check gone wrong), and landed on my wrist.

For three weeks, I had a swollen wrist, unable to write, after which I decided to go to the doctor.

Diagnosis: broken wrist. Very broken wrist

A surgery, multiple screws and a plate later, it’s almost October, and I’m just now being able to write again.

I have two shows coming up in October, which I will post more information on this week.

This has been a very hard time for me. Part of my writing is very therapeutic for me, and to not have that available has been driving me a bit insane. Lucky, though, I am now able to type for limited amounts of time, and ready to hit multiple projects which I will keep you informed on.

Thanks for visiting!