Two things to brighten your day

Two things to brighten your day:

1)There is a very awesome web series I have stumbled upon, thanks to Vintage Books and Anchor Books facebook page, “Writers on Writing”. Below is one of my favorite ones. There are 32 in all. (I know I’ve just consumed your day.)

2) The best advice on how to open a new book.


5 comments on “Two things to brighten your day

  1. Holy hell! There goes my day. I absolutely love hearing other writers talk about writing. There was an episode of Screen Burn with Charlie Brooker (I don’t know if you’re familair with it) dedicated to just screenwriters talking about their craft. Very interesting stuff. Meh, I can work on my best man speech any time 🙂

  2. I found this book opening picture a couple years ago, and didn’t even know I was doing it wrong until then. I think everyone should need to see this picture before touching a hardcover book, I’m glad you put this up for people to see! I’ll definitely be checking out this web series too, thanks for posting!

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