Happy Easter

Sorry I’ve been MIA as of late guys.

The last week has been awful for me. My best friend’s father passed unexpectedly. I started a second job (eating up precious writing time). In addition I was sick and had pick eye, the joy of working with little petri dishes, I mean children.

However, today is Easter, the day for new beginning. I’m over my illness and ready to get back to blogging and writing! Thanks for sticking with me.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Funny Easter

Happy birthday to the best neighbor ever

Fred Rogers better known to the world as Mr. Rogers would have been 85 today. Like many children of the ’80s, I was obsessed with this show, and as I grew older, I realized how amazing of a person he was. There aren’t a lot of people I consider to be my hero, but one day, I want to grow up and be just like him.  He truly cared about people, wanted to make a difference and did. If that isn’t a hero, I don’t know what is.

And in honor of his birthday, I have a few links for you.

1)Five Reasons Mr. Roger’s was the Greatest American Ever. 

Thank you cracked. I couldn’t have said it better myself

2) 15 Reasons he was the best neighbor ever

It’s a fun read with good facts!

3) Epic Rap Battles of History

4) A Remix of his show  (truly amazing song)

5) A must watch. Mr. Roger’s defense of PBS. This is amazing.

Thank you Mr. Rogers for all that you have done.

Call for submission, my writer friends!

The Oxford Culture Review

We’re currently looking for submissions so we can dedicate weekends to promoting and publishing original, previously unpublished work. If you’re a poet, writer, or photographer, then we’d love to see your work, to be published either on a regular or a one-off basis.

From writers we are looking for short stories of up to 1500 words, or short stories of up to 5000 words for serialisation. There is no restriction on genre, but we are looking for serious literary fiction. There is no deadline as this will be an ongoing concern, and publication will depend upon the quality and quantity of works we receive. From poets we are looking for poems of up to approximately 50 lines, with the same guidelines as fiction for the style of work we will consider. If you feel your poems work better spoken than written, then feel free to send a (high-quality) video of yourself…

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Why 4th graders are better poets than you (and me)….

If you haven’t yet figured out, I have a preoccupation with childhood and art.  It is my believe that most of us are naturally artists but as we grow, we are conditioned to lose this.

I stumbled upon an article about fourth grade poets that you should read on the topic.

Let it inspire you. Forget what you know or what you are taught and write, write, write.

I learned a trick from Lynda Barry, about the process of unlearning for art. (This is a short explanation of the writing process, check out her work for a much better explained and more detailed process)

  1. Pick a topic to write about
  2. Set two alarms, one for a minute and another for six.
  3. For the first minute doodle a circle on a piece of paper, concentrate on your circles.
  4. Once the first alarm sounds, start writing and don’t stop until the second alarm rings
  5. If you can’t think of what to write, write the abc’s or numbers until it comes to you (repeat every time you run out of things to write.)
  6. When the alarm sounds, set aside your piece for at least 24 hrs before editing.

Its amazing what comes of it.

We are all artist, don’t let society teach you otherwise!

Quick Note

I just finished my broadcast for ICC’s radio station. I had become a little frustrated because the last two weeks, it had been canceled because of the weather. However, it was worth the wait, and incredibly fun. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

Remember, after the storm, there is always a rainbow (A random positive message for you today.)

After the storm

After the storm

A flash fiction piece for you

I entered this is a flash fiction work. I’ll probably retool it later, since it didn’t come out exactly as I wanted, but I like it as a rough draft and thought I would share it with you!

(The set up, a voicemail……)


Mother run, before it’s too late.

I never meant to venture, safety snuggled, tucked away in the soft glow of our house. The sunlight danced on the window, leaping down to steal a kiss off my cheek.  Intoxicated, my foot stumbled out the door.

I was so careful, one trembling step after another, as the turtles passed me by and the sun-sweat beads ran down my forehead and the smell of flowers choking out the stale, dark hermetically sealed air.

The weight of the world on me, my legs jelloed, trembling.





So many cracks, mother, obese, cracks spreading as if a child had taken a crayon to the earth.

Too many to avoid with the call of the wild world, the running children, playing around the fields, hair, wind-ratted, face stained with dirt, unencumbered, calling to my soul, coursing through my veins.

I tripped.

My foot wedged in, I thought I might just fall into China. I shuttered, waiting for the skies to upon up, thunder to reign down and for it to shallow you.

I had broken you.

Before I realized, my legs had taken flight bounding, over the pavement, until everything was a blur.

Crack after crack, earth worms after a summer’s rain, my foot scraped each one.

I’m trying to catch my breath. I wish you would have picked up. The neon lights of the gas station is blinding mother, and I can’t hold out much longer, my muscles aching in nervous anticipation.

Fate knows. You have to run, before it’s too late.


Call For Submissions

A call for submissions from my friends magazine!

In Vivo: Humanities, Sciences, & Ecologies is now accepting submissions for its inaugural issue. Submissions may be in the form of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, plays, photography, paintings, or drawings. Works accepted for publication will intersect issues of environmental or social justice in some way.

Suggested topics for consideration: preservation, technology, meaningful work, global/localization, cultivation, urban/rural life, science, medicine, health, family: childhood/parenthood, community, literary/cultural theory, consumerism, history, place, boundaries/intersections, cooking & food, education, ecology, and more.

Submissions and queries may be sent to Kristina Gaddy Mulpura at InVivoMagazine@gmail.com. Editorial workshops and materials for classrooms are also available upon request.