And the theatre flooded…..

My play, “Art Appreciate” was suppose to play last weekend with the Praireland Theatre company. However, the rains threatened this. As the heavens opened up on Friday, I received the news that the night’s performance was canceled.

Flooded stageAs you can see the stage was completely flooded! Now comparison to the massive flooding and tragic consequences of such rains, a cancelled play is but a speck of dust to God, still, I’ll admit, I was disheartened to hear the news and comforted myself with several ice cream sandwiches.

The question soon became, would the rain continue? And even if it didn’t, could they dry the stage in time for the next two shows (on Saturday and Sunday.)

As I waited to hear the news, I realized how much I had been longing to see my work performed again and that a few months between performances was just much too long! There is a special kind of loneliness found when you’re a writer with no work being performed/published….. And it has made me more determined to stick to a better writing schedule for my plays (alas I get distracted with side projects much too easily.)

As luck would have it, they did clear the stage in time. I will share the pictures I took and the story of the performance with you later this week when I have more time for an entry.

I guess what they say is true, in theater expect the unexpected!

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