Art Appreciation

My play, “Art Appreciation,” played last weekend in Delavan with Praireland Theatre Co.

After the rain on Friday, I was worried that the entire weekend would be flooded. However, the staff and city worked hard to clean and drain the park, and by Saturday afternoon, we were ready to go.

ImageThe show consisted of four plays by three local playwrights. This was also the first full-on production of my play “Art Appreciation.” (It previously had a read-through in Peoria.)

The crowd was sparse but enthused, and I, gathered with my small posse of fans, eagerly awaited my words to come to life.

Soon I was rewarded. It was a wonderful performance and I was very pleased with how the actor’s interpreted the text. The play explores art and meaning. And as I often write, I leave a fair amount of ambiguity in my characters.

Art Appreciation With that, it’s always interesting to see how actors interpret my words. This cast read it very differently than the Peoria cast and it was amazing to see what different light they shed on my work.

It was an amazing night and I am so thankful that the theatre decided to perform my humble play.

And now it is time to go back to writing and creating.

A side note as well, I am always open for productions of my work, and if you would like to take a look at this or any other of my plays, please message me. I would be happy to oblige.

5 comments on “Art Appreciation

  1. This is great! Always good to hear a report of success. Writing, as you’ve alluded to before, can be a lonely business…

  2. What a wonderful way to see your work! Thank you for the notice, it brought me here to something I have always wanted to do. Looking forward to more. 🙂

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