Edgar Allan Ho and other halloween fun

First things first, you only have a few more days to vote for my play, “The Wall,” if you haven’t, please go and vote for it here.¬† (Note: pop up blockers must be disable ūüôā )Thank you in advance! I appreciate the support

Edgar Alan "Ho"

Edgar Allan “Ho”

Now on to the fun things, Happy Halloween! This picture has been floating around the internet for a couple days, and I think it’s one of the most creative mixed idea costumes. I know a ton of people hate mixing genres for costumes, but I figure there is only one day a year where it is socially acceptable to dress up, so might as well go all out.

I love mixing ideas, though mine usually end up as a zombie cheerleader or dead Axl Rose…..really I just pick something I want to dress up as and then zombify it.¬†¬† What did you dress up for this Halloween?

Also NPR had a couple of fun Halloween links over the past couple days:

Lastly, for those like me who won’t be trick-or-treating on Halloween (alas I work) you can still give yourself a fright with a collection of Halloween poetry or if you are lucky, you can visit some of literature’s most famous haunts.

If you could help out…..

I got a very exciting email today. My play “The Wall” was selected for the reader’s writingchoice competition for Independent Play(w)rights. To win, I’ll need the most votes.

If you could check out my play “The Wall” by Rachael Stanford and vote for it, that would be amazing!¬†

I wrote this play for an amazing friend of mine who first helped me with theatre. He was involved with theatre all of his life and his passion for life and art amazed me.  Sadly, we lost him way too soon. I hoped to honor his spirit with my piece.


Little Free Library the coolest idea ever!

A little while ago, I noticed this outside ¬†on one of the streets of Bloomington, Illinois, ¬†which is a stone’s throw away from where I live.

The concept is beautiful, sharing books with your neighbors.  Take a book. Leave a different book. Let the love spread. Interact with your neighbor and bring your love of books beyond the schools and libraries where they live.

little free library

little free library

I think this is an amazing idea! If you visit their website, you can get complete details.  The kits can be a bit pricey (anywhere from 250 to 1000) dollars.  But you can always just build one yourself.  This could be the perfect idea for people like me who absolutely dread winter. And the website has building tips. (They also have a book bench idea, which is pretty snazzy.)

This is a great idea for book lovers like myself who find their library overflowing with books.

They have a “make it official” package which gives you some benefit , but again, if you want to set up a rouge library, you can help people and feel like a rebel as well.

I definitely intend to work on one for my little town. We amazingly enough have a library, which I do love. But it has a limited supply of books which is greatly different than my collection.  Besides, it seems like an amazing way to interact with your neighbors!


Kokomo Con(victions)

This last week has been a week of ups and down. I started by receiving news that a children’s story I wrote did not win a contest. Water off a duck’s back, right? I wish. This was a piece that I loved and it absolutely crushed me. I wish I didn’t, but I am human after all…..By far, this is not the end for my piece ( I plan on querying ¬†agents and publishing house this weekend).

This was followed by very exciting news, I can’t wait to share. Speak Easy Art center has hired me to teach creative play writing. This is still in the works, but I will fill you in more when the details come in.

And then another low. One of my favorite journals, I fear has become pay to publish. I won’t call them out. But they started an “editing” ¬†company and well…you get the picture…..

And then on the heals of that sorrow,  word of my two guest posts being accepted reached me.

As you can imagine, I left Illinois then for Indiana and the promise of giant Garfield statues and comic convention fun emotionally exhausted.

My trip to the Garfield statues, only made the situation worse.

cool cats

It was an amazing trip, really neat and informative, but Erika and I  in our horrible planning, had only though the trail would take an hour or two. Four hours later and nine Garfield statues later, Erika and I were exhausted and frankly not really looking forward to spending all day tomorrow at a comic book convention.

Begrudgingly in the morning, both of us, exhausted and weary-eyed prepared our costumes for Kokomo Con.

It was a disaster of sorts. I had originally planned to wear a wig for my costume, but the 10 dollar Walmart wig failed miserably. So Erika and I resorted to using spray-in hair spay

showercap me

By the end, it looked as though we had murdered someone in our hotel room my hair was a giant rock of red, but with a little engineering of a shower cap, we were able to shape and make the hair work.  Still, the frustration added to my apprehension.

But once I reached the Kokomo Convention all the troubles of the week quickly melted away.The convention was amazing. But what inspired me the most was the amount of independent writers and cartoonists there.

As many of you may know, I once had a graphic novel planned. However, after I took the time to write out the story, my partner bailed because he wanted more out of our partnership than I was giving to give.

This had soured me on the experience of working with other artists to complete the project or start on the new ones that I have been plotting.

But, after talking with all of my fellow artist, I am re inspired. Soon I will be launching another WordPress page (ok a few months) to announce one of the projects.

But I have a few more in mind. And if you know any visual artist who would like to be part of a fun project send them my way! I hope that by this time next year, Ill have a  tiny booth at Kokomo Con!

Thank you Kokomo Con! It was a great chance to meet with other artist and lovers of comics.

me as duela dent

cutest costume ever

snack attack

snack attack

capt america

The capts….

Oh yay! I got a guest blog published!

This was a fun an exciting weekend at the comic book festival. It has definately inspired me to look for a graphic designer and work on a comic idea I have had for a while(more details to follow).

But first, I have some fun and¬† exciting news to share. jumpI have had a guest post published on the Independent Play(w)rights website! It’s titled 5 things I wish I knew before I became a playwright.

It is, if I do say so myself, a good little piece of information that contains some  great tips I had to learn the hard way. If you are just starting out writing plays or even if you are experience, go ahead and give it a read.  You might just learn a thing or two!

Cosplay Fatality

This week has been unbelievably busy. I received my reward from my Navigation makeover (look for my blog this week: confessions of a Magazine winner) and prepared an outfit for Kokomocon.

Kokomocon is a little comic book festival in Kokomo Indiana. By the way I know you are humming the Beach Boy song by now. It’s also the only reason I knew about the convention.

A few months ago, I convinced my friend to roadtrip it with me to Kokomo Indiana. I just wanted an excuse to sing the song obnoxiously and she wanted to see the giant Kokomantis statue, which as the locals told us, just appeared one day outside of subway as well as explore the trail of Garfield statues.  Also for those who love Clifford (the big red dog), it is the birth-place of his author though the since commemorating it, is hard to find and surprisingly tiny.

As you can tell the Midwest is a hoping place…….



Amongst our many exciting visits, we stumbled upon a tiny comic book shop that was advertising its comic book convention, and as my friend and I are both word nerds a great plan was hatched. We would deck ourselves all out in full cosplay and attend the festival.

The only problem: both of us suck at sewing.

Of course, we did what any rational 27 year olds would do, lie to ourselves. ¬†“Oh our costumes will only take a weekend, maybe two. It’ll be easy. No sew…..”

Well you get the point.

I’m now on week three of construction of my Duela Dent costume. It’s well…not as awful as it was a week ago, but with my days dwindling, I’m realizing that it’s probably not going to be as amazing as my mind would like.

Duela Dent's glove I’ll post the costume and pictures from the convention next weekend. ¬†Hopefully, I’ll finish the vest today. ¬†And then free of my cosplay, I’ll be back here in earnest bringing you the most awesome writing related posts again!

This and that in the writing world

Quick post. I have a couple hours in-between teaching my little nuggets and teaching my GED class tonight. I  found a couple cool links, contests, etc in the art a world that I wanted to share

  • As those who read my blog know, I love Halloween. Naturally then, I was excited to see that the people of the facebook Dr. Seuss page and buycostumes.com are having a¬†Dr. Seuss halloween contest. ¬†I personally won’t have time to compete. ¬†I have my hands full with my costumes of Duela Dent and Boo Berry this year, but maybe next year. Either way, you can check out some cool outfits.
  • I personally have a grudge towards anyone that pushes Christmas before Thanksgiving. However, yesterday I stumbled upon ¬†litographs website, and I’m already ready to go out any buy gifts for all of my book loving friends, and maybe a couple gifts for myself. The tshirts, totes and posters are made from the books. It’s art and word-nerdiest at its best.
  • Every Jane Austen lover knows the BBC’s version of “Pride and Prejudice” and its iconic scene of Colin Firth coming out of the pond, drenched. However, as the writer dished recently, they had originally planned for Colin Firth to be a bit more natural, you can read more here.

Anyway, it’s off to the gym and then work for me. Have a great night.




A literary Halloween? (The most wonderful time of the year!)

Blame the LARPer in me, but I am a huge Halloween nerd. Usually I manage to stretch the day out to a week and average 2-3 costumes per year. This year¬† I have two of my costumes set (Boo Berry and Duela Dent) but I’ve also stumbled upon some great literary costumes and thought that I would share them with you.

Fruit Stripes Zebra and I (Harley Quinn) playing pool last year

Fruit Stripes Zebra and I (Harley Quinn) playing pool last year


Nothing screams also parent like dressing your child up like a literary figure! ¬†Barnes n Nobles recently suggested 16 different book inspired costumes. Some, I’ll admit were a bit of a stretch but others were so cute. My favorites:


I won’t lie. Most of my teenage Halloween costumes involved the dead genre, dead zombies, dead prom queen, dead….well you get the point. Never, did I even think to emulate some of my favorite literary characters. But teens of today, need not fear, foreveryoungadult has come up with a great list¬†of costume ideas!¬†¬†I might even steal a few of the ideas myself!


There are some amazing literary costumes! Agh! I can’t wait to stretch my Halloween out to incorporate them especially, a Slaughter House Five outfit! ¬†Writer’s Digest also came up with an amazing list. (The Lord of the Flies pun, ¬†Animal Farm outfit and Lady MacBeth, might just be my favorites).

Do you have any ideas? Have you ever dressed up like a literary character for Halloween?