What can you say in 6 words?

I used to occasionally submit to as well as read Six Word Stories, without never knowing the back story. Now, though, that I’ve learned the origin of the competition, I am awestruck and disheartened.

The (alleged) back-story  for those unaware: Ernest Hemingway, the six-toed cat loving, macho-man and boozer was bet that he could not write a complete story in six words.

ernesthemmingwayThe result:

For sale: baby shoes, never used.

—Ernest Hemingway

Towel thrown in. I will never (in six words) write something so complex and heart-wrenching.

I’ve never been a great Hemingway fan.  It’s probably not all ‘olde Ernest fault. In eight grade, I had to read The Old Man and the Sea, which to a 14 year old, is an incredible boring story of a wheezy old man who sucks at fishing and concludes with usage of a painful metaphor….Why the lions? Why?

And even through my forced college classes of famous old rich white male writer’s you need to know, I still haven’t really come to love him. Talented yes, but just not my style.