Staying home with a baby? Gesh, you have to have time to write a novel…., right

Don’t tell people you are taking time off to raise a baby (a whooping month btw then I’m back tutoring English and teaching three courses at a technical college.) because the first thing they will say, if they know you are a writer is, “Oh that’s so great for you, when are you going to write the next great American novel?”

sleepingThen, they will stand there, starring at the circles under you eyes as you shake from the caffeine that you have been dumping into your body, waiting for a response: a chapter or two you have written or a detailed outline of your next great work.

No I haven’t had time to craft a great novel.

Actually I now spend most of my time bathing in baby vomit and desperately trying to stay awake. Oh and then do those little things like eat in the hour or so of sleep my baby does before she screams 🙂

I have though had time to do some shorter project, such as starting a crafting store with my friend, specializing in our geeky love of comic. We are selling our work at Kokomo Con this year. It should be a fun experiment in self-marketing and promotion, something I hope to take over to my own independent writing.

I’m also seeing progress on my Children’s book (look for upcoming info on it.), I’m very excited for this project.

On a sad note, which I will blog about later, I lost the illustrator for my Comic on Nikola Tesla, so now I am back to looking for an artist (if you know of anyone comment below or email me at reestanf @ I plan on launching a Kickstarted campaign for it as soon as all of my ducks are in a row.





8 comments on “Staying home with a baby? Gesh, you have to have time to write a novel…., right

  1. A friend once told me before the birth of my son that whoever stayed home with the baby wouldn’t write anything for two years. Now, nine months in, I can see that is probably about right.

  2. Ah, it’s tough. So many things I could say, such as that writing is just as demanding as a job in terms of time commitment, so that’s the same as expecting someone to go back to full time work baby in tow and be just as productive as with no baby.

  3. I babysit my brother’s kids and since I go in before the two-year old wakes I have been taking my laptop in do write something. Hang in there.

  4. About eight months after my son was born, I pitched my non-fic book to a publisher and was accepted. What followed was a year of conducting research and outlining chapters during naps and staying up to 12:30 AM writing chapters after everyone else had gone to bed (to get up again at 5:45 AM, not counting feeding times, etc.). And teaching a few nights a week. Now it’s tutoring, freelance resume writing, and (if the tutoring schedule is slow) snagging a half hour here and there to write between tutoring sessions. “Stay at Home Parenting”, yep, not so wonderful for writers.

  5. One of my friends who has a two month old newborn decided to go back to school anyway for her masters. I have never had children, but my friends have and have had much the same stories as you had, and I could only gawk at the thought of being a full time student and mom. Kudos to you for finding the time to keep it up! I hope sleep will come soon 😀

  6. Hahahaha, yes of COURSE I’ll be writing full time.
    Babies don’t need much, you know. Just some feeding, holding, rocking, changing nappies, burping, oh crap is that a FEVER?!, feeding, burping, jesus how in the world did we manage to puke down the back of the couch?, and what do you mean I haven’t bathed, eaten or slept in five days?

    *insert eye roll of doom here*

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