About Me

Climbing at one of my favorite places

Well hello everyone. My name’s Rachael (as the blogs url would have implied.)

I’ve always been a writer, even as a little kid, I wrote odd fan fiction about Sesame Street and Barney on my mom’s Apple 2. It wasn’t good by any means and there were a surprising amount of murders in that little world for my seven year old imagination, but nonetheless I was hooked on writing. Throughout the years it’s progressed, bleeding into ever genre possible. I lay down my pen and paper to the shine of Kurt Vonnegut hoping one day to be as talented as his pinkie toe. But if that fails, I’d just like my art to illuminate the world or one person’s world, heck, I’d even be happy if it a dingy, cobweb invested corner on someone’s world.

In short,  I’m the typical struggling writer  trying to survive in this funny little world.

If you’d like, shoot me a message at reestanf @ gmail dot com

I love hearing from you!

304 comments on “About Me

  1. Thanks for following my cheftellgoodies.com blog. My biography has received all five-star reviews to date which, as you know, doesn’t necessarily translate to lots of income. But time will tell, since the book is an “evergreen” book.

  2. You might have been going in the right direction with Barney and Sesame Street. Lately I hear one of the Teletubbies, I think it Twinkie Winkie went after Po and Dipsy with an axe. Talk about Jason. Twinkie Winkie may very well be his son (or daughter).

  3. Seeing that you’ve been a teensy bit busy of late, thanks for dropping by my blog again. I’m glad that you like my post “Wealth of Writers.” Enjoy your tiny terrorist while you can. Fit writing in as able.

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