Dr. Seuss had a thing with hats (and it’s pretty darn cool.)

tedraisingmoneySo Dr. Seuss, had a thing with hats. Not just regular ball caps mind you but, as is only fitting, whimsical, fantastical hats. He started collecting hats in 1930.  His sister even remarked, ““Ted has another peculiar hobby—that of collecting hats of every description. Why, he must have several hundred and he is using them as the foundation of his next book.”

Now I know what you are thinking. Hats. What’s the big deal. But from what I saw off the website, these hats are pretty darn interesting, and some of them (duh) appear in his work in one shape or another.

Now if this isn’t enough of a reason to go road trip it to Fl or one of the other states which hosts the exhibit, the exhibit also includes some of the secret art of Dr. Seuss.

Below are the current dates for the exhibit:

Dates Gallery Name City Address Contact
Jan. 11 – Jan. 26, 2014 Syd Entel Gallery Tampa, FL 247 Main St.
Saftey Habor, FL
(727) 725-1808
Feb. 1 – Feb. 16, 2014 Ann Jackson Gallery Atlanta, GA 932 Canton St
Roswell, GA
(770) 993-4783
Feb. 22 – March 9, 2014 R. Michelson Gallery Northampton, MA 132 Main Street (413) 586-3964
March 15 – March 30, 2014 Bella Arte Gallery Midlothian, VA 3734 Winterfield Road (804) 794-1511
June 7 – June 22, 2014 Angela King Gallery New Orleans, LA 716 Bienville Street (504) 524-8211
June 28 – July 13, 2014 Marcus Ashley Gallery South Lake Tahoe, CA 4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd (530) 544-4278

This exhibition is comprised of twenty six original hats from Dr. Seuss’s estate, alongside authorized Estate Editions adapted and reproduced from Ted Geisel’s original artworks. If you are lucky enough to be where it is touring, check it out!

We did it!

Just a quick note guyscolbert_wedidit, we did it!

Today Independent Playwrights announced their winners, and I (looks around like who me?) was named the winner of the Dear Reader category!

Eek! I am beyond thrilled and want to take a second to all of my readers and followers who voted for me.  Your guys’ support means the world to me. 🙂

Anyway, there will be more updates to follow (I’m sure you guys will get sick of it so I’ll try to refrain from going overboard) so stay tune on information about the anthology I will be featured in.

*Whew* now that its all over I can devote myself to writing a novel with the rest of the month……..

…..I am insane.

If you could help out…..

I got a very exciting email today. My play “The Wall” was selected for the reader’s writingchoice competition for Independent Play(w)rights. To win, I’ll need the most votes.

If you could check out my play “The Wall” by Rachael Stanford and vote for it, that would be amazing! 

I wrote this play for an amazing friend of mine who first helped me with theatre. He was involved with theatre all of his life and his passion for life and art amazed me.  Sadly, we lost him way too soon. I hoped to honor his spirit with my piece.


Rain rain go away

We have had an insufferable about of rain the last few days. For me, an earth-child who longs to be with her mother, being stuck indoors can become mind-numbingly painful especially since my laptop (with all of my work) has been on vacation at my parents house, misplaced in the joyousness of moving.
In an effort to soothe my anxious mind, I’ve have turned to the glory of the internet, and with it, have found this little gem on Jane Austen.

Walkin’ in the shoes of Mr. Darcy

For those word nerdettes like me, who are obsessed with all things Pride and Prejudice and, of course, all things related to Mr. Darcy, Radio Times Travel has a treat for you. They have mapped out the ironic walk Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet took in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation.

If you read my blog, you are well aware that I dislike this version (sorry!). Colin Firth and  Jennifer Ehle’s just rub me the wrong way. But even though I prefer the 2004 and 1980’s adaptations, this has just been added to my bucket list. Now, I just have to find my way over to England……

Even if you aren’t a fan of the book, you should take a look at the article. The the walk has some beautiful sights that would entice any nature lover.

So lace up your shoes! It’s time to follow in some great literary footsteps.

Walking with Darcy

For Illinois Shakespeare lovers

Bloomington Il has an amazing Shakespeare festival at Ewing Manor. ( I might be biased, I went to undergraduate and graduate school at Illinois State University, of which Ewing Manor is a part of.) But it is a premier performance, which I suggest, if you are in central Illinois for the summer, you check out. The actors are amazing. The production space is beautiful and the grounds of the manor are pristine. It’s perfect for an early afternoon picnic followed by an amazing play.

But for those who can’t wait this long, five are high schools have come together to throw a production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

This is a great chance to support young actors and their drama program!

Go here for more details

Also for an added dose of Shakespeare, check out PBS. They have a pretty awesome, Shakespeare uncovered series.

What is everyone reading? (2 reviews and a request for suggestions)

Christmas is here, and with it, my “real-job” (the one that actually pays me) is giving me two weeks off and among the holiday parties and responsibilities of adulthood, I plan to read and write as much as humanely possible.

I just finished Mark of Athena, which I recently reviewed. Finishing the book didn’t not do much to change my opinion. The plot line is a bit trite. Only so many times can one of the band of hero’s be kidnapped the rescued, only to have a cliffhanger that slightly progresses the plot without exploring any of the more interesting side-line, character building plots. The only shining spot may have been Dionysus who added a lovely bit of humor to an overall humorless plot.

I have now moved on to Death of a Neighborhood Witch ( I know I’m out of season) by Laura Levine. This is my favorite fluff series.  And before you shake your head, you know you all have a favorite fluff series (that series that literary might not be the best but by god it’s entertaining.)

The mystery series follows a struggling writer,  and pleasantly plump Janie Austen (I know amazingly ploy there) and her cat Prozec, who chase boys and unwillingly stumble upon an intriguing murder.  The plot is never really anything that inventive and about half the time, you will be able to figure out the murderer before the end, but it is a fun read that keeps you engage and in the end it’s more about entertaining you and identifying with the character than it is solving a murder.

Once I’m finished with this, which should happen in the next couple day, I will be looking for a new book to read. I’m really open to anything. Anyone have any good suggestions?

Chica Peeps

The sisterhood of female friendships is celebration in the Chica Peeps anthology. I was lucky enough to be accepted into this new sister of authorship with my tale of high school friends who have stood the test of time.

We might have started just as movie buddies, lusting after the hunky, alluring, sizzling and every other adjective to describe the perfect amount of hotness that God will allow in a body, Johhny Depp, but over the years, it have become the life blood of my sanity.

If you’d like to read more, click here! 

The Mark of Athena, a quick review

I won’t lie. The minute I picked up the first Percy Jackson book, I was hooked. How could I avoid it?  I’m an English nerd and this series relies on a distinct knowledge of Greek mythology!  I blew through the first series in a matter of weeks, loving every bit of the play of old tales and placing these ancient characters in the modern era.

And when the series ended, I grieved as any book lover does, knowing that their characters are laid to literary rest.

Salvation came in the announcement that there would be yet another Percy Jackson series!

Hooray! What would Riordan do? How was he going to keep the series fresh? I could barely wait…..

The answer….add in Roman mythology….

Really? That was his great idea. Maybe it was a little cool to explore the difference between the two cultures’ gods but the premise that there were split personalities of the gods running around, even for me, a myth lover, rang hollow.

But I trudge through the first mediocre book, that didn’t have Percy in it, as Riodan introduced three new main characters.

I thought he might redeem himself with the second book, which reintroduced Percy and at least two other new main characters……

And still happily bought the third book in the series, The Mark of Athena.

Less than a hundred pages through the muddle plot, however, I found myself mixes up story lines and plots as more characters eek their way into this already populated story line. I’m lost and I really don’t want to have to start a notebook of characters to keep them straight  that sort of thing does a lovely job of pulling the reader out of the written world.

Hopefully the plot twist are enough to keep this weary girl interested.