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we can trade ideas, what a beautiful part of life

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I’d love to meet other artist, collaborate on some work. Being a writer can be a bit lonely at times, so please, if you  write or make art, drop by. We can chat or critique each other pieces, bounce ideas off each other, talk about how amazing and sometimes awful it is to be an artist. And so on.

Don’t think because you aren’t a writer, I want you to ignore me. It’s simply not true!

Art is nothing without an audience. So if you just read my stuff occasionally, or think I’m interesting, please add me or comment.

After all, a large part of the reason I write is to reach you.

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Whew, glad that’s over.  I was feeling a bit too much like a saleswoman.

32 comments on “Follow Me

  1. Amazing work and congrats on the staging of your play – question? Why is it that most writers can pin to a time in their lives that they were in someway involved in the theater arts? I think it becomes a stepping stone to being able to live inside a character’s mind, body and spirit – sometimes for years at a time. Nice connecting with you!

  2. Great blog – I especially like your post on the wisdom of Dr Seuss (who I’d never stumbled upon when I was small and mud-smudged). Would you recommend that writers make a stab at the theatre? I can count the amount of times I’ve been in a theatre on one hand, unfortunately. Even if I were a Simpsons character.

    • I would suggest trying to write a play (or acting), ten minute plays or monologues are really a good place to start. When I started learning to write plays, my teachers driving force was that (especially in a ten minute play) each line of dialogue must advance the plot or reveal a critical detail of a character because you don’t have the time for fluff. So it really helps you think about characters and dialogue more closely.

  3. “I’d like to challenge your assertion that, ‘Art is nothing without an audience’,” is probably not the best way to start up a conversation so I think instead I’m going to go with, “Thanks for the fave on my blog post” 🙂

    (…and I was wondering how’d you stumble on my post anyway?)

  4. I am going to try to give you than dialog as a reader, but I am going to have to find a piece that I want to work on. I see if I see anything at the moment and then I’ll just keep an eye out.

  5. OK, here’s the dialog:

    I am not sure what button is on the top left corner, but yes I want to click it.

    I am another artist, but I don’t know how we could collaborate. I wake up and write a whole bunch of stuff, (See: Julia Cameron Artist’s Way, Morning Pages) and then I turn them into a short story about the theme that I woke up thinking about.

    How do we meet, aren’t you in Illinois? I am on the West coast. I would love to drop by; it’s just not convenient.

    I am in effect critiquing your post because I am responding to it and you can tell how it is coming across by my response, but also I am revealing myself and my interests are inherent in my response.

    I am a lonely person too because I need to be alone to write. But, I bet if I found someone like me, we could write in separate rooms and then meet for the finer things in life.

    I have an editor-friend, who I pay to help me with my work and having attached myself to this venue, I’ve gotten feedback, less than I would like however.

    It is amazing to be an artist. Sometimes, I’ll wake up and write some of the most amazing things, like things I admire, but it takes work and sometimes it is a bit like manufacturing. But, I read a wonderful thing recently, which said that intelligence is tied to imagination. I found that comforting. I always thought it was about how fast you could do math problems or do well on a standardized test, which I hate.

    I agree to that if the person is not a writer, that doesn’t matter, as writers we just want to get feedback, our expressions are requests to be liked and understood. We hope when we put stuff we really like out there that people will like what we like and validate us.

    And yes art is nothing without an audience. We are like actors on the stage. Our short stories or our poems, etc., are meant to be read and spoken to an audience and we want them to be touched like we are when we read great work.

    We like smart people who say wonderful things. Tonight, for example, there was a man in a group of 4 people and he was brilliant and I started talking to them. I was overhearing him the entire night and he was charismatic and brilliant, a doctor, a business man, and an investor. I wanted to ask him what his name was and that I wanted to know who he was because he was a winner, but he might have thought that I was gay and that was not my intention. Great people are very important to the world and they do things that are so admirable that you just want them to do well. He was fascinating. I wish him well.

    And yes you are interesting because you are getting me to think about what you say. And yes, the reason I am writing you is because I want to reach you.

    I’ll check out your artist page and if I ever get too intrusive or boring please just cut me off. That is not my intention, but I am taking advantage of an opportunity.

    It is good that you are a saleswoman. Sometimes, you have to begin because for us guys, we really don’t want to come across as overbearing because we know it is how you feel that validates our contact, and how you feel is not readily apparent when we communicate.

  6. Hey, nice blog post. I love with other writers too. Sorry that I am bringing this up, just thought I would let you know, though, because I have OCD about grammar and that sort of thing. You have “It’s simple not true” should be “simply”. Anyways, look forward to staying in touch. Following.

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