Submission Opportunities

I’ve had several readers ask me how I have had so many pieces published. The answer, submit, submit, submit! But as a new writer or even as an established writer, finding the right place can be difficult. I hope to ease that.

This page,  once finished,  will have a bevy of search engines, magazines and other random events designed to make publishing a bit easier for my readers.

Also if you have an event or calling for publication that you would like me to include, please email me at

Current Opportunities

Fiction and Poetry

Writer’s showcase

This blog is looking to showcase writers.


Poems, Flash Fiction, Fiction and Visual Art

Cinnamon Sugar Heaped Spoonful is accepting admissions.

Small Po[r]tions journal is accepting admissions for their new journal

Five Quarterly is accepting prose and poetry.

Neon Ink is accepting submissions until March 31st

Horror Submissions

Infernal Ink Magazine usually has rolling horror/gore short story. submissions

Halloween Anthology (paid opportunity) Deadline July 31st




 Radio 4′s “Opening Lines” is accepting submissions.

14 comments on “Submission Opportunities

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  3. This is great, I’ll be following for new opportunities that you are able to post. I’m currently writing a children’s book and releasing it as an ebook. It’ll be my first book so I’m getting into writing short stories of some of the characters to develop the story line a little better and avoid writers block 😉

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